About Us

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  • Step 1: Read about KrazyBee

    1.Get to know what KrazyBee is: Click here

    2. You can download the app to know more.

  • Step 2: Shoot ONE Video

    1. Shoot ONE video informing how KrazyBee changed your life. (It should be positive).

    2. Duration of video: max 2 minutes

  • Step 3: Upload the video on Facebook

    1. Upload the video on your Fcaebook wall.

    2. Use the Hashtag: #KrazyBeeChangingLives.

    3. Do not limit the audience. Keep it 'public'.

    4. You must get a minimum if 30 likes on this video.

    5. Upload it: here.

  • Step 4: Upload the link on GigIndia

    1. Upload the link directing to your video on GigIndia.

    2. Paste your link here: