Our History

Accelerated Interdisciplinary Intermediate Academy was founded by Kevin Hicks and Dr. David C. Fuller in 2001. AIA is an open enrollment charter school serving Houston and Lancaster. AIA gives students the benefits of a private school education free of charge.

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First Name:melanie 1
Last Name:test

First Name:Banana
Last Name:Pants

First Name:Yellow
Last Name:Mellow

First Name:Melanie
Last Name:Guymon

First Name:Test
Last Name:testseet

First Name:sdf
Last Name:dfg

First Name:Melanie
Last Name:Guymon

First Name:Melanie
Last Name:Guymon 2

First Name:test
Last Name:test

First Name:asdf
Last Name:asdf

First Name:
Last Name:

First Name:Bobby
Last Name:Heath